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This is cool!
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Motostoke Stadium Carillon

by Daniel Militello

Uploaded on Aug 05, 2022 (and last updated on Aug 05, 2022)

This is also the largest fictional carillon, With bells cast by Petit & Fritsen in February 1996, The entire instrument weights in at 116,000lbs\52 tons, Originally supposed to be transposed down 2 semitones to Eb in early Taylor carillon in 1942, All bells in Taylor carillon replaced in 1996 by with present carillon by Petit & Fritsen, Practice clavier is on 4th floor above the battlegrounds with samples from the actual carillon, Quarter chimes used to be mechanical, Originally played Westminster (Cambridge Quarters) until 1996, When the modern carillon was installed, Now plays Motostoke theme every quarter hour, And with full tune playing on the hour, Apollo III unit in playing cabin also controls quarter chimes and hour strike, Accessible via conventional staircase on ground floor, Manual range is G to C, 78 notes fully chromatic, Pedalboard is F to C with 31 bells with Bourdon only being playable via low F pedal, Bourdon weights 7.6 tons, Also has sword emblem which faces north, And shield emblem faces south,

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