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This is cool!
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Mega Man X Soundfont (2022)

by JS121

Uploaded on May 14, 2022 (and last updated on May 14, 2022)

Sorry for the lack of instruments! I might fix that this weekend. After seeing lots of great tutorials on how to rip samples, I did Mega Man X for fun, as the instruments are very small, and there aren't many instruments to tinker with. The looping might be off due to sample ripping not fine enough. As a bonus, I've included the samples, so if you have a sample player, or just want the better version, use the samples inside the folder! Have fun with the soundfont!

This is how to rip the samples: First you get Super SPC Dumper, then get split700. Then in super spc dumper play the spc, which you get from snesmusic, by downloading the rsn and renaming the rsn to rar, then extracting. To play it, analyze it, then click play analyzed sound. If its good, extract samples to a folder, then with split700, use the brr2wav program. To do this, drag the brr to the program. Then delete the brr's. Boom!

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File content

    • Mega Man X
      • Bass.wav
      • Brass.wav
      • Crash.wav
      • Distorted Guitar.wav
      • Electric Piano.wav
      • Hi Hat.wav
      • Impact Hit.wav
      • Kick.wav
      • Mega Man X Soundfont.sf2
      • Organ.wav
      • Overdrive Guitar.wav
      • Saw.wav
      • Slap Bass.wav
      • Snare 2.wav
      • Snare.wav
      • Square.wav
      • Strings.wav
      • Synth.wav
      • Tom.wav