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This is cool!
Download (27.7 MB)
The Mario Kart Super Circuit Soundfont (GM Compatible)

by RunTheCoins

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2022 (and last updated on Dec 07, 2022)

The Mario Kart Super Circuit Soundfont, It Has all the original source samples and Is organized!

Update (6.0) Since I now have more Experience and knowledge in editing Sound-font's, I have finally gotten around to modifying the original Quality MKGBA.sf2 font, to not only fix broken instruments, but to also make sure all instruments are not only included but also heard. This update helps the MKGBA (Original GBA) soundfont sound so much cleaner and smoother that I don't even recommend the HQ soundfont at the moment.

(The HQ Soundfont will be updated eventually, just give me some time...)

Update (5.0) Thanks strixSF2 for organizing the source samples! I went back as well and got the samples that were missing from the SC-88 as well. Discord link to server :

Both soundfonts are now included in one zip file

Update (4.5 (Setback) I realized the original soundfont was bigger then the game itself, so I removed all the unused instuments and samples and unneeded presents.

I'm going to completely redo everything for the HQ version so everything is nice and organized, so currently the optimized soundfont is the only one available on both here and Google Drive

Update (4.0) : HQ samples are somewhat organized, I'm going to go back and clean up and get rid of some presents and samples that aren't needed.

I still recommend the old one as well, if you want to make an accurate sounding song to the GBA, and plus it still sounds a lot better.

Update (3.0) : Original Samples Have Now Been Replaced with the Original source samples, though a Google Drive Link is available for the older soundfont, as for right now it plays a lot better still and is a bit more organized.

Version 2.0 Download (GBA Quality Samples) :

Update (2.0) More Stuff Is Labeled

UPDATE (1.1) (Basically redid the entire soundfont, and got rid off all the filler content and imported all the decent presents from all the soundfonts in) Still need to Label everything, but other then that the soundfont is finished

original soundfont : - Took all samples from soundfont.

File content

    • Mario Kart Super Circuit Soundfont copy
      • .DS_Store
      • Mario Kart Super Circuit (HQ).sf2
      • MKGBA (GBA Quality).sf2
    • __MACOSX
      • ._Mario Kart Super Circuit Soundfont copy
      • Mario Kart Super Circuit Soundfont copy
        • ._.DS_Store
        • ._Mario Kart Super Circuit (HQ).sf2