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This is cool!
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Durango Folk Horn Band V1 GM patches

by Abisai Ochoa Producer, DrJassMusic, Toru Inahama, isis999 and Mike77154

Uploaded on Oct 30, 2021 (and last updated on Oct 30, 2021)

Well my friend, this is a compilation of famous sounds of the regional music of my country called "Banda Sinaloense" and other sounds of the North region of Mexico, so enjoy this pack please

All credit goes to Drjassmusic, abisai ochoa producer, toru inaama and isis999 for the hard work of sampling

I just simply compile my previous convertions of the original efforts of the creators

PD for use the charcheta, please select preset 57 bank 8

File content

  • Durango_Folk_Band.sf2
    • 000-056 Trilled Trumpet Buch
    • 000-057 Valve Trombone
    • 000-058 Elephant's Tuba
    • 000-061 Sinaloa Brass Sectio
    • 000-066 North Tenor Sax
    • 000-071 Clarinet Durango
    • 008-056 charcheta horns
    • 128-033 Norte\361o Jazzy Drumki