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This is cool!
Download (662 KB)
Carla (KXStudio) instruments pack

by Cris Owl Alvarez

Uploaded on Dec 16, 2015 (and last updated on Dec 30, 2015)

72 Carla (KXStudio) instruments. Includes leads, basses, sfx and keys/pads. Needs KXStudio repositories installed (Calf plugins, OBXD, XSynth, WhySynth).

File content

    • [LEADBASS] distorted leadbass 2.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] distorted leadbass 3.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] distorted leadbass.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] hard edm lead 2.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] hard edm lead 3.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] hard edm lead 4.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] hard edm lead 5.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] hard edm lead 6.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] hard edm lead 7.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] hard edm lead 8.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] hard edm lead.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] modern acid bass 2.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] modern acid bass 3.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] modern acid bass 4.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] modern acid bass 5.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] modern acid bass 6.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] modern acid bass.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] superlead 2.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] superlead 3.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] superlead.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap bass 2.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap bass 3.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap bass 4.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap bass 5.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap bass.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap basslead 2.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap basslead 3.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap basslead 4.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap basslead.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap click bass 2.carxp
    • [LEADBASS] trap click bass.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] fantasy keys 2.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] fantasy keys 3.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] fantasy keys.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] interference pad.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] lofi pad organ.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] phaser pad 2.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] phaser pad 3.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] phaser pad.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] retroghost keys.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] rotary synth brasses 2.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] rotary synth brasses 3.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] rotary synth brasses.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] scifi ambient pad 2.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] scifi ambient pad.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] slow ensemble pad 2.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] slow ensemble pad.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] synth ensemble 2.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] synth ensemble.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] vibrating dark organ 2.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] vibrating dark organ 3.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] vibrating dark organ.carxp
    • [PADKEYS] videogame organ.carxp
    • [PERC] kick flat electronic.carxp
    • [PERC] room poppy snare 2.carxp
    • [PERC] room poppy snare.carxp
    • [PERC] synth clave.carxp
    • [PERC] synth reso snare.carxp
    • [PERC] synth shaker.carxp
    • [PERC] trap snare 2.carxp
    • [PERC] trap snare.carxp
    • [SFX] 8 bits xploit.carxp
    • [SFX] broken arkanoid.carxp
    • [SFX] broken jump.carxp
    • [SFX] digital waterdrop.carxp
    • [SFX] friendly alien lasergun.carxp
    • [SFX] item 2.carxp
    • [SFX] item 3.carxp
    • [SFX] item.carxp
    • [SFX] robot talking.carxp
    • [SFX] videogame steps 2.carxp
    • [SFX] videogame steps.carxp