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This is cool!
Download (45.5 KB)
OBXD vst synth presets pack

by Cris Owl Alvarez

Uploaded on Dec 08, 2015 (and last updated on Dec 30, 2015)

68 presets for OBXD vst synth, including some pads, keys and fat leads.

File content

    • [keys] cheap toy harmonica.FXP
    • [keys] old analog organ 2.FXP
    • [keys] old analog organ 3.FXP
    • [keys] old analog organ 4.FXP
    • [keys] old analog organ.FXP
    • [keys] sad stereo keys.FXP
    • [keys] sequence detuned organ 2.FXP
    • [keys] sequence detuned organ 3.FXP
    • [keys] sequence detuned organ 4.FXP
    • [keys] sequence detuned organ 5.FXP
    • [keys] sequence detuned organ.FXP
    • [keys] stereo funk organ 2.FXP
    • [keys] stereo funk organ 3.FXP
    • [keys] stereo funk organ.FXP
    • [keys] stereo retro organ.FXP
    • [keys] stereo videogame organ 2.FXP
    • [keys] stereo videogame organ 3.FXP
    • [keys] stereo videogame organ.FXP
    • [keys] tetric toy organ 2.FXP
    • [keys] tetric toy organ 3.FXP
    • [keys] tetric toy organ.FXP
    • [keys] wah wah organ 2.FXP
    • [keys] wah wah organ 3.FXP
    • [keys] wah wah organ.FXP
    • [lead] arkanoid ball 2.FXP
    • [lead] arkanoid ball.FXP
    • [lead] big analog lead 2.FXP
    • [lead] big analog lead.FXP
    • [lead] dnb bass lead 2.FXP
    • [lead] dnb bass lead 3.FXP
    • [lead] dnb bass lead 4.FXP
    • [lead] dnb bass lead.FXP
    • [lead] fat bass lead 2.FXP
    • [lead] fat bass lead 3.FXP
    • [lead] fat bass lead 4.FXP
    • [lead] fat bass lead 5.FXP
    • [lead] fat bass lead.FXP
    • [lead] hard analog lead 2.FXP
    • [lead] hard analog lead 3.FXP
    • [lead] hard analog lead.FXP
    • [lead] hard dirty filthy bass 2.FXP
    • [lead] hard dirty filthy bass.FXP
    • [lead] hard distorted bass 2.FXP
    • [lead] hard distorted bass 3.FXP
    • [lead] hard distorted bass.FXP
    • [lead] hard lead bass 2.FXP
    • [lead] hard lead bass 3.FXP
    • [lead] hard lead bass 4.FXP
    • [lead] hard lead bass 5.FXP
    • [lead] hard lead bass.FXP
    • [lead] percussive plucked lead 2.FXP
    • [lead] percussive plucked lead.FXP
    • [lead] plucked detuned hard lead 2.FXP
    • [lead] plucked detuned hard lead.FXP
    • [lead] plucked detuned lead 2.FXP
    • [lead] plucked detuned lead 3.FXP
    • [lead] plucked detuned lead.FXP
    • [lead] terror bass lead 2.FXP
    • [lead] terror bass lead.FXP
    • [pad] broken analog pad 2.FXP
    • [pad] broken analog pad 3.FXP
    • [pad] broken analog pad.FXP
    • [pad] enigmatic retro organ 2.FXP
    • [pad] enigmatic retro organ.FXP
    • [pad] pad organ.FXP
    • [pad] robopad 2.FXP
    • [pad] robopad 3.FXP
    • [pad] robopad.FXP