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Some Earthbound Sample Origins & HQ Audio Edits (1.18)

by Wrapped Tomato Soup with Cheese

Uploaded on May 24, 2021 (and last updated on Jun 03, 2021)

Hey folks! After a long time I can finally present you my Earthbound HD edits and some found origins from Sound Effects Wiki! I mostly edited the samples that possibly are impossible to receive with their origins. Like for example; Itoi's 'Ok De Suka?', Venus and M.D Seeger's solo. They might sound a bit unnatural cause of the High Pass Filtering and editing. But to be honest, better try than never! Then we have the samples from the Earthbound Sound Effects Wiki! I basically cut all of the spots from the found original audio tracks to make them mimic the low quality ones used in the game. This also includes the original music samples. I'll get on expanding this folder if the Wiki page gets updated and if I feel like it. I also note you that this doesn't include a soundfont. But you can make one by yourself because all of the audio is in Wav format. If you want to hear the full unedited samples, here's some useful links: _ Update 1.12 - 25-May-21; -"Deep Darkness" Timpani found (E-MU Proteus 2) -"Suspense Symphony" sample found (Roland S-50) _ Credits to Youmu Konpaku on Youtube for finding the following samples: -Dungeon Man Lead Violin -Dalaam and Ocean Accordion -Onett Marimba -Underworld Flute -Giygas background flutes Sample _ -Edited Pokey Square added -Edited Magicant Saw added _ Update 1.18 - 03-Jun-21 -Brickroad, Ok De Suka and I Miss You Samples updated _ Stay safe and have a great day!-WTSwC DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement is intended, no one is trying to stamp other names onto the original creators. All of the content included in this folder is property of Nintendo, HAL, various artists, various composers and Sound Ideas. All rights reserved to all of the mentioned creators.

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File content

    • Earthbound - Audio Origins and Edits 1.18
      • Belch_edited.wav
      • Brickroad_edited0.wav.zpa
      • Brickroad_fixededit.wav
      • BuzzBuzz_edited.wav
      • Dalaam Accordion_Origin.wav
      • Deep Darkness Timpani_origin.wav
      • Dungeon Man Violin_origin.wav
      • Giygas Flutes_origin.wav
      • I Miss You_fixededit.wav
      • MDSeeger_edited.wav
      • Ok De Suka_edited.wav
      • Onett Marimba_origin.wav
      • Per_Agogo_origin.wav
      • Sam_AllYouNeedIsLove_Cliff-origin.wav
      • Sam_Deirdre_Place-origin.wav
      • Sam_Deirdre_Place-origin.wav.zpa
      • Sam_GoodOldDays_Boris-origin.wav
      • Sam_JohnLennonGivePeaceAchance_Sstone-origin.wav
      • Sam_KeepOnLaughin_Moonside-origin.wav
      • Sam_MontyPythonLibertyBell_NamePlease-origin_edited.wav
      • Sam_Sgtpepper'sREdrums_Megaton-origin.wav
      • Saw_edited.wav
      • Square_edited.wav
      • Suspense Symphony_origin.wav
      • SX_Beach_origin.wav
      • SX_Bikebell_origin.wav
      • SX_Camera_origin.wav
      • SX_Door_origin.wav
      • SX_Magicstep_origin.wav
      • SX_Phone_origin.wav
      • SX_Register_origin.wav
      • SX_River_origin.wav
      • Underworld Flute_origin.wav
      • Venus_Edited.wav
      • Wow_Edited.wav

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