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Edirol SD-90 Pack II

by rosntdoxot, DrKoupop, Spooderboi, Anonymous (Old SD 90 fonts) (Original samples by Roland/Edirol)

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2021 (and last updated on Apr 21, 2021)

Contents: 7 instruments, Viola 2 vib, MG303 Bass, Br.Bone vib, Classic oboe (for those eager for Touhou 18) and more, plus more in the future

Uncompressed size: 1.09 GB

This is the second iteration of a collection of instruments made from the samples of the Edirol SD-90. A discontinued soundcanvas used by a popular guy named ZUN with some unique samples inside. And do not worry, these are from the actual system. They are straight from the original hardware and have each and every note sampled on each instrument by rosntdoxot and Spooderboi then made into soundfonts by me. Since they are this heavily sampled they are pretty big in file size as you can see. Please join us to archive this discontinued gem of a machine.


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Licensing Gray Area
These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.
Extra considerations: Samples in this soundfont collection are from Roland Corporation, we do own nor claim to own anything exhibited here. All rights reserved to Roland corporation.