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This is cool!
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Magic Castle (PS1) Soundfont

by Sodichi

Uploaded on Feb 11, 2021 (and last updated on Feb 18, 2021)

2/17/20 UPDATE - I've merged the Cello sample into the Strings patch after finding out it is included with the Strings according to the original "Main Theme" track. As well, I've also taken the liberty to make a separate soundfont file that retains the original pitches that it had in-game. So now if you want to make accurate rips, you can!

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: The instruments and sound effects from the (once lost) PS1 game Magic Castle compiled into a usable soundfont!

Magic Castle uses sequenced music rather than streamed, so I was able to rip the sound data (SFX.DAT) using jPSXdec and then convert it into .SEQ/.VB/.VH files using VGMToolBox. I used VGMToolBox again to convert those files to .PSF/.MINIPSF/.PSFLIB files to then use VGMTrans to rip the .VAB file into a usable soundfont. Quite the process, but I'm glad to have finally get this out there.

NOTE: I've taken a bit of creative liberty to edit the loop point of the samples to loop "better" as well as using GTune to finetune the samples correctly. If you plan on recreating any of the tracks from the game for rips or whatever, just keep that in mind.

All credit goes to Soshi Hosoi (@Hosplug hosoi), the lead sound designer/composer for Magic Castle. As well as PIROWO (@PIROWO1), Keiichi Matsunami (@SG matsu) and the rest of the team who helped make Magic Castle become a reality. Look at the links below if you want to play it for yourselves!

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    • Magic Castle Soundfont (1.2)
      • Magic Castle Soundfont (Old Pitches).sf2
      • Magic Castle Soundfont.sf2