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This is cool!
Download (192 MB)
The Megalovania Library V2 (FL Studio Mobile Compatible)

by Micasddsa

Uploaded on Feb 11, 2021 (and last updated on Feb 24, 2021)

(WARNING: For the drums, PLEASE, if your on a soundfont player, Turn the release all the way up, if you are on a SFZ player like Sforzando, Turn on the sustain pedal, Please do NOT come ask me why the drums are messed up as i have just told you how to fix it.)

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(Note: i used FL Studio's FLM Plugin, so i don't exactly know how to actually use this on mobile.)

Welcome to the Megalovania Library V2! This is An Updated version of the Directwave Megalovania Pack, which is still available to download if you want.



All Contenent In V1 PLUS

Sf2 Version, To load in any soundfont player.

SFZ Version, To load in any SFZ Player.


+--Sources & Credits--+

T-M-R music 53's Really Good Megalovania Recreation (Link:

Lil'Alien For his Shreddage Soundfont (

The Creators of The Definitive Megalovania Soundfont V1 for the Shreddage Picked Bass


Impact Soundworks for Shreddage Picked Bass And Shreddage 1

Juicestain's Earthbound Sounfont

The SGM V1 Soundfont

Violin Detache Sounfont

LABS Drum kit


Toby Fox for Megalovania And Undertale

Nintendo For Earthbound

Image-Line for FL Studio, 3x Osc, And Directwave.


More Info

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