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This is cool!
Download (117 MB)
The Directwave Megalovania Library V1

by Micasddsa4000

Uploaded on Jan 16, 2021 (and last updated on Jan 16, 2021)

This is the BEST Megalovania instrument library, if you want to make a Megalovania, or you want to make a recreation, or you want to use the 64x bit version of FL, then use this!

I wanted to make this because the definitive megalovania soundfont used a bad 1 sample shreddage, among other things, so i made this to fix all the problems.

A Sample Library Version + Sf2 and SFZ Versions Coming out soon.


3x Osc Presets + Channel States

Instruments with built-in Channel Effects

Instruments with no channel effects required

Instruments + Channel States



T-M-R music 53's Really Good Megalovania Recreation (Link:

Lil'Alien For his Shreddage Soundfont (

The Creators of The Definitive Megalovania Soundfont V1 for the Shreddage Picked Bass


Impact Soundworks for Shreddage Picked Bass And Shreddage 1

Juicestain's Earthbound Sounfont

The SGM V1 Soundfont

Violin Detache Sounfont

LABS Drum kit


Toby Fox for Megalovania

Nintendo For Earthbound

Image-Line for FL Studio, 3x Osc, And Directwave.


All Rights Reserved to Micasddsa4000
Extra considerations: All Rights Reserved to respective owners.

File content

    • The Directwave Megalovania Pack V1
      • 3x Osc Channel Presets
        • Brass
          • Brass CHANNEL.fst
          • Brass.fst
        • Hidden Square
          • Hidden Square CHANNEL.fst
          • Hidden Square.fst
        • Square
          • Square CHANNEL.fst
          • Square.fst
        • Synth 1.fst
        • Synth 2.fst
        • Synth CHANNEL. (Both For 1 and 2)fst.fst
      • Built-In Effects
        • LABS Drum Kit.dwp
      • No Effects Required
        • Brass 1.dwp
        • Impact Hit.dwp
        • Organ 3.dwp
        • Overdriven Guitar.dwp
        • Shreddage 1.dwp
        • Shreddage Bass.dwp
        • Square.dwp
      • Program + Effects
        • OD Base
          • Bass thing
            • Hold OD.dwp
            • Hold.fst
          • Bass
            • Bass.dwp
            • Bass.fst
        • Synth
          • Synth Raw.dwp
          • Synth.fst
        • Violin
          • Violin Detache.dwp
          • Violin.fst