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Hedsound's MT32 Soundfont (CM64-L / LAPC-1) [GM remap fix with MSB127 MT-32 map compatibility mode with other spiff yet again, plus GS and more compatible drums, plus 8850 and better sound]

by stgiga, hakerg, Ziya Mete Demircan

Uploaded on Jan 13, 2021 (and last updated on Jun 04, 2022)

This my merger and fix of the Hedsound MT32 soundfont and Hakerg's GM version. Hakerg had forgotten the fret noise which broke certain songs, so what I did to fix that involved me putting the Guitar Harmonics thing there. Also I did some link-related stereo fixes without affecting the MT32's special stereo. I also painstakingly made the SFX kit into individual GS SFX items, while also making Bird Tweet better. I mapped the SFX also into the MSB Bank 64 XG SFX bank so that more MIDIs would play nicely.

What was done here was putting the original Hedsound bank (not GM) in MSB Bank 127 of the hakerg GM version to take advantage of the Roland SC-55, SC-88x, and SC-D70's CM32L compatibility mode, which also involves having the MT32 drums as preset 127 in the drum bank. I then took the sounds that hakerg did not use for the GM bank and then mapped them to GS (SC8850 in particular) patches while not butchering the MT32 compatibility mode (dupes were done), so as to enhance the bank further and non-destructively in a meaningful and helpful way. Other fixes and 8850 support improvements were done. Enjoy!

Also based on hakerg's layout I can learn a thing or two from it and make the CMI thing actually conform fully to GM.

This latest update fixes a glitch in the GM drums and improves Bird Tweet in addition to adding SFX. Please redownload.

I now made GS support better and did some MSB Bank 126 Compatibility additions, plus replicating Mode B of the CM500. Please redownload.

Drumkit better now (is compliant with Roland SC-8850 drumkit mappings), redownload please.

If the link is too slow (these are for the classic version): Or

SourceForge Mirror of this modern version

Thanks for 10K DLs

Improved drumkits (previous update was stopgap), please redownload, also has SC8850-mapped Tambourine melody patch

8850 and XG compliance and better sound achieved. Now the guitars and tubular bells shouldn't suck. Please DEFINITELY redownload. The guitar fix is in a similar spirit to the way MT32 fans layered patches via SysEx, and how the 8850 used layered patches.

Yet again more 8850 love! Still using just default ROM patches!

Fixes to XG, please redownload

More 8850 love, please redownload

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