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This is cool!
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Deep Bass (based on pasta bass)

by j_e_f_f_g

Uploaded on Oct 09, 2015 (and last updated on Dec 29, 2015)

This electric bass has a pronounced pick attack. This helps cut through a rock mix where you have lots of bass-heavy distorted guitar "power chords".

My version differs from the original source in that mine is stereo, looped, has some noise removed, and includes a "legato mode" mapping.


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File content

    • DeepBass
      • A
        • 1_E.wav
        • 1_G.wav
        • 2_Bb.wav
        • 2_C.wav
        • 2_D.wav
        • 2_F.wav
        • 2_G.wav
        • 3_C.wav
        • 3_D.wav
        • 3_G.wav
        • noise1.wav
        • noise2.wav
        • noise3.wav
        • noise4.wav
        • noise5.wav
        • noise6.wav
      • bass.sfz
      • bass_legmode.sfz
      • N1.sfz
      • S1.sfz
      • S1l.sfz