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This is cool!
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by Lars Muldjord

Uploaded on Oct 01, 2015 (and last updated on Oct 01, 2015)

1.5 Gb, compatible with DrumGizmo 0.9.5 and newer

“The MuldjordKit is a Tama Superstar drumkit with all the bells and whistles. The samples for this kit was actually recorded all the way back in 2010 when I was recording / playing drums for the Sepulchrum debut album. When recording drums I always sample the kit in case we need a cymbal or a single drum hit here and there to patch up the recordings. It turns out that I sampled it so well that it can be used with DrumGizmo.” - Lars Muldjord.

The kit consist of the following drums and cymbals:

2 kickdrums
3 hanging toms
1 floor tom
1 snare
1 hihat
2 crash cymbals
2 ride cymbals
1 china cymbal

This should be considered a metal or rock kit.

Microphone setup

Close mic: Snare top: Shure Sm57
Close mic: Snare bottom: Shure Sm57
Close mic: Tom1: AKG C516 ML
Close mic: Tom2: AKG C516 ML
Close mic: Tom3: AKG C516 ML
Close mic: FTom4: AKG C516 ML
Close mic: Kick drum left inside barrel: AKG D112 + DDrum trigger
Close mic: Kick drum right inside barrel: AKG D112 + DDrum trigger
Close mic: Ride cymbal left: Shure Sm57
Close mic: Ride cymbal right: Shure Sm57
Close mic: Hihat: Shure Sm57
Overhead left: Røde Nt5
Overhead right: Røde Nt5
Ambience: Focusing on entire kit placed a little further back in the room to the left: t.bone Rb500
Ambience: Focusing on entire kit placed a little further back in the room to the right: t.bone Rb500
Also DDrum triggers on both kick drums mixed onto one mono channel

Channel setup

All microphones are connected to its own channel when loading the kit in DrumGizmo. 16 channels total. Remember to pan the relevant channels to give you a better stereo effect.

Ch 1: Ambience left
Ch 2: Ambience right
Ch 3: Hihat
Ch 4: Kickdrum left
Ch 5: Kickdrum right
Ch 6: Overhead left
Ch 7: Overhead right
Ch 8: Ride left
Ch 9: Ride right
Ch 10: Snare bottom
Ch 11: Snare top
Ch 12: Rack tom 1
Ch 13: Rack tom 2
Ch 14: Rack tom 3
Ch 15: Floor tom
Ch 16: Kick drum trigger signals

Important note on phasing

This kit has some phasing issues between snare top and snare bottom, so remember to phase reverse the bottom snare channel, otherwise the snaredrum will sound really shallow.


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