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This is cool!
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Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Soundfont (.zip, includes SF2 & DLS)

by luna (+squib, unknown - og by Devsisters)

Uploaded on Aug 25, 2020 (and last updated on Feb 09, 2021)

Haven't seen an easily accessible link for these anywhere else, so figured I would post this here.

Other installments of Cookie Run typically use mp3s/wavs for their tracks - however, curiously, Ovenbreak uses strictly midi. It could possibly be to save space, given how many tracks are ingame, and how massive the game is already (a whopping 1.5-2.0 gb by now). In the process, a lot of finer details are omitted and missed... but, there's nothing saying people can't mix this soundfont with others to try and recapture that!

The SF2 is obtained from a source I haven't been able to find again, so it may no longer be up. I may update it with more sounds, as there appears to possibly be some missing parts of the drumkit and SFX bits - it is also possible I may attempt to convert the original myself, just in case.

As for the DLS, it was ripped directly from the game, by user @wiisensorbar/@hepointatsquib on twitter. As of now, using it with the Fruity LSD plugin is possible, but as I do not own other programs that are not from or related to FL Studio, I am uncertain of its other compatibilities as of right now.

You can contact me at lockaltaluna#3621 on Discord for further inquiries. I'll be happy to give as much information as I can, as well as access to other ingame resources.

Update 02/09/2021: I will be attempting to assemble a LINE/Kakao CR soundfont as well, with the resources I have. Stay tuned!


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Licensing Gray Area
These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.
Extra considerations: It may be safest not to use this in anything you will make money off of without contacting Devsisters first. However, nonprofit fanworks (and haha funny meme rips) may be alright, as I have seen them used with no issues.

File content

    • CookieRun_Ovenbreak
      • Ovenbreak.dls
      • Ovenbreak.sf2