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This is cool!
Download (96.2 MB)
ColomboGMGS2 SoundFont v.7.2

by Duwindu Tharinda

Uploaded on Jul 06, 2020 (and last updated on Sep 26, 2020)

For the first time, this artifact is registered form Sri Lanka. Aimed to sound cool and be Compatible with Roland GS (at bank 126 and 128) and Yamaha XG Drum mappings (at bank 127) with a vibrant Drumkit Palette, the complete GS SFX list alongside with Tyros 4 Special vocal samplings, Premiering instruments and Fresh SFX, Such as Gatabera, Dholak, Raban, Hakgedi, New Trap kit, Real Acoustic Guitar Harmonics, Bounce Bass Lead, ADL Rythm, Valve Crunch, Circuit bender noise, Trap drums and much more! Contains instruments recorded and sampled at home, As I recently interested of combinations between multiple soundfonts I have, most of the rest would belong to their authors Such as Maxime Abbey (Arachno), Shan (SGM-V2-01), Xose Vi (Musyng Kite), OpenWorld (ChoriumRevA.), Milton Parades (Just T4) and so on though they are not reachable on the internet. All of those SoundFonts are intended to download and use for free, so It will have no problem to use my SoundFont in commercial aspects. The SF2 File inside the SFPACK 'Archive' must weigh nearly 215 MB, Extract it using SFPACK.exe given in the Zip file. Extraction process can be done ONLY In Windows as I have done before. So then you are welcome to Unleash the beauty of MIDI on any platform tagged above. (Yeah, I'm using SF2-MP-A for testings, As a low end phone, that app introduces numerous bufferings. Anyway for the XG Experience, I just Only recommend Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth And MIDI Voyager Karoke Player, pretty please..) Last Edit : 9/25/2020 - 17:07 GMT


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    • AYUBOWAN! - ReadMe.txt
    • ColomboGMGS2.sfpack