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This is cool!
Download (110 MB)
ColomboGMGS2 SoundFont v.11.0

by Duwindu Tharinda

Uploaded on Jul 06, 2020 (and last updated on Jan 20, 2022)

Bundled with a Cakewalk SONAR Instrument definitions List and a special layout (skin) file for VanBasco player!

A successful Multi-Standard emulation project registered for the very first time from Sri Lanka. Aiming to sound cool with the Greatest possible number of instruments plus premiering new voices, (But, Yamaha XG Has got its own "LSB Sub-Bank things" instrument mapping method which modern software synthesizers can't accees) Exact Yamaha XG (127) and Roland GS/CM32L (126/128) Drum Mappings over 23x3 Drum Kits, Complete GS SFX set alongside the Tyros 4 Vocal Effects and 3 SFX Kits, Trap kit, Reggae kit, Sri Lankan Bera, Raban, Dholki and also a Garage Drums kit!

Besides of the majority of samples which belong to past authors such as Maxime Abbey, Cose Vidal, Frank Wen, Milton Parades, Shan, Roland/Yamaha/Korg/GUS/Amiga modules and so on, even I have sampled a few of instruments at home!

The uncompressed SF2 file must weigh around 215 MB. SFPack files aren't supported in Synthesizer platforms, but don't worry! Direct link to the Original SF2 file is given below in the MORE INFO URLs list. Hence if you have a Windows PC, then you are ready to go with the SFPack Decompressor/Compressor tool bundled with the SFPack file.

Have fun!

Special Thanks - Peter Cross, Rochetta Pin Plins, Sugathadasa Wetthasinghe, Daham Kumara Pathirana, Senari Alles, Pansilu Samaraweera, Rehan Vithanage, Dyaan Ipalawatthe

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