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This is cool!
Download (596 MB)
Kiarchive (Soundfont Version)

by Sodichi

Uploaded on Jul 06, 2020 (and last updated on Jul 11, 2020)

UPDATE: I have added descriptive names to all of the soundfonts from the "0index" files to make it much more convenient for people.

What is this?

Kiarchive is a large compilation of sample instruments in a file type known as ".xi," which is used in tracker software such as Sunvox, FastTracker 2, and OpenMPT. They're pretty much like .sf2/.sfz files, but for trackers. This pack contains many instruments; guitars, synths, drums, bass, strings, brass, etc. from many genres. As well as a lot of sound effects like animal noises, beeps, booms, hits, scifi noises, clocks ticking, cars passing, etc. This had over 6,700 files worth of .xi instruments, and I converted them all into soundfonts so that it could be much more convenient for people to use.

How to use it?

If your music software supports playing soundfonts, just drag and drop it into the VST/program that supports it, or find one online that can play them for you. (Note: If you plan on using this in something like FL Studio, I recommended loading these into DirectWave instead of Fruity Soundfont Player because for some reason it causes the samples to sometimes pop on higher notes, but are completely absent in DirectWave. I don't know why that happens, but just use DirectWave if it occurs.)

How was it made?

Basically dragging every .xi file in the folder they were in into OpenMPT, export them all to .sfzs, save every one of those .sfzs as .sf2s in Polyphone and that's it. Took me a while but glad I'm finally finished with it.

I like to make it very clear, I am NOT the creator of Kiarchive, all I did was convert the .xi files to .sf2 files. All instruments and sounds belong to their respective owners, whoever and wherever they may be...

If I missed a file, made a mistake or a soundfont does not sound right at all, feel free to leave a comment on here or @ me on twitter to let me know what I did wrong (@Sodichi1).

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Licensing Gray Area
These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.
Extra considerations: I don't own these sounds, use them however you like.