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This is cool!
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CWBF's Mantovani Strings

by Colin Foley

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2020 (and last updated on Apr 21, 2020)

A small, experimental soundfont. It consists of three samples (heavily cleaned up and edited) from vinyl records of Mantovani. The samples are each of a single violin in isolation, but if you have a few overlapping violin lines, it sounds pretty cool. Kinda like a mellotron.

Extra considerations: Obviously the Mantovani samples aren't mine, but it's literally less than a second per sample, and only three samples, so I'm very sure this falls under fair use.

File content

    • CWBF's Mantovani Strings
      • .DS_Store
      • Samples
        • .DS_Store
        • A2_rr1.wav
        • D5_rr1.wav
        • D5_rr2.wav
      • Mantovani.sfz
    • __MACOSX
      • CWBF's Mantovani Strings
        • ._.DS_Store
        • ._Mantovani.sfz
        • Samples
          • ._.DS_Store
          • ._A2_rr1.wav
          • ._D5_rr1.wav
          • ._D5_rr2.wav