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Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers [NDS]

by Exabyte U

Uploaded on Mar 07, 2020 (and last updated on Mar 27, 2020)

Soundfonts and midis ripped from the video game using VGMTrans. Able to be used with any DAW that plays soundfonts.


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Licensing Gray Area
These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.

File content

    • Guilty Gear [Dust Strikers]
      • [Dust Strikers]
        • Babel Noise.mid
        • Lady Fascination.mid
        • Make Oneself.mid
        • Minigame BGM A.mid
        • Minigame BGM B.mid
        • Minigame BGM C.mid
        • Minigame Menu.mid
        • Noontide.mid
        • Player Information.mid
        • Suck a Sage.mid
        • Unknown Fanfare A.mid
        • Unknown Fanfare B.mid
      • Bass
        • Picked Bass (Babel Noise).sf2
        • Synth Bass (Minigame BGM A).sf2
        • Synth Bass (Minigame BGM B).sf2
      • Brass
        • Brass Hit (Minigame BGM B).sf2
        • Brass Section (Minigame Menu).sf2
      • Choirs & Hits
        • Orchestra Hit (Minigame BGM C).sf2
      • Chrom. Perc
        • Aluphone (Minigame BGM C).sf2
      • Guitars
        • Distortion Guitar (Minigame Menu).sf2
        • Guitar Riffs (Babel Noise).sf2.sf2
        • Guitar Riffs (Lady Fascination).sf2
        • Guitar Riffs (Make Oneself).sf2
        • Guitar Riffs (Noontide).sf2
        • Guitar Riffs (Player Info).sf2
        • Guitar Riffs (Suck a Sage).sf2
        • Rock Guitar (Suck a Sage).sf2
        • Rock Guitar Frets (Noontide).sf2
      • Organs & Pianos
        • Rock Organ (Make Oneself).sf2
        • Rock Organ (Minigame BGM C).sf2
      • Percussion
        • Drumkit (Lady Fascination).sf2
        • Drumkit (Minigame BGM C).sf2
        • Drumkit (Minigame Menu).sf2
        • Drumkit (Player Info).sf2
      • Read Me!.txt
      • SFX+
        • Fanfare (Unknown Fanfare A).sf2
        • Fanfare (Unknown Fanfare B).sf2
      • Strings
        • Strings (Minigame BGM A).sf2
        • Strings (Player Info).sf2
      • Synths+
        • Bass & Lead (Babel Noise).sf2
        • Bass & Lead (Minigame BGM A).sf2
        • Bass & Lead (Minigame Menu).sf2
        • Polysynth (Minigame BGM A).sf2
        • Sawtooth (Minigame BGM B).sf2
        • Sawtooth (Player Info).sf2
        • Square (Minigame BGM C).sf2
        • Synth (Minigame BGM B).sf2
        • Techno Synth (Noontide).sf2
      • Woodwinds
        • Flute (Minigame BGM A).sf2
        • Pan Flute (Lady Fascination).sf2