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FS Ibanez Steel String Acoustic Guitar with Fender Reverb

by FlameStudios

Uploaded on Sep 08, 2015

An acoustic guitar suited to bluesy rhythms. Has quite alot of fret rattle with the high velocities but also a certain amount of mid to high frequencies which helps to give it its own place in a mix. You also have a choice of how much reverb you use just by using the mod wheel 2 (cc13) on certain presets. The reverb is a genuine old Fender Reverb unit. Which is a valve driven spring reverb. Not only is it a nice classic reverb but just putting the samples through it warms them up straight away. Mod wheel 1 (cc1) is the release. This is so that you can easily set the length of the notes as long as you need. Other presets include a fake twelve string (octave harmonies on each key), low pass filtered (for a more nylon guitar sound), split voices of muted fifths at one end and solo guitar at the other end of the keyboard (for quickly creating tunes and ideas) and alsorts of different combinations of presets to cover most options. The only two controllers you need for any of the presets are mod wheel 1 (cc1) and mod wheel 2 (cc13). The functions of these controllers are always part of the preset name.


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