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This is cool!
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This is a soundfont for replicating NES Famitracker music with multiple expansion chips enabled as a retro replacement for the bog standard GM/GS default bank. It's made from only free samples from various banks in addition to several custom samples. It supports GM and GS with XG SFX and Drums. Many programs were used. If you are needing the second drumset in bank 127 for XG, its not there because it has limited drum range and thus isnt xg. Plus polyphone doesnt like copy ...

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Wtfpl small Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License 2.0
Extra considerations: Do whatever with this soundfont and make something great with this under these terms unless you are bound by some condition that precludes you from them, at which an exemption is hereby granted. If you are a member of an organization that forbids the prefix license, this following license shall void it: All credit goes to any source material. All credit goes to the parties in the user field, myself included. The authors are not liable for your mistakes. This does not mean that there is no warranty, it just means you cannot force the authors to do your bidding, but you may and should but not must ask contributors who may or may not be an author to do it at their convenience alone. You are free to make music or software with this soundbank and charge money for it, should you desire, but you must keep your derived versions of the bank libre and/or gratis under a reasonable license of any type that aims for freedom in general. You are free to use this in any software you please, including commercial software, just give full and reasonable credit at minimum if possible to the authors involved and be willing to strike off names when it will not impact archival upon request (said archival requirement does not apply when a deadname is being removed or updated, and in this case, the request must proceed), and you are encouraged but not mandated to tangibly support the authors and/or any worthy contributors if you can reasonably do so in some way and you may not be forced into doing so through any measures capable of doing so besides the anti-exploitation part of this license or your own heart. You should but are not forced to provide install instructions in your derivative bank if you feel it is needed or if there is trouble understanding the existing ones, and you should provide complete cooperation and transparency where possible when making and sharing derivatives. You may not use your freedoms granted by this license to hurt the freedoms of others in any way possible, politics included. Your commercial use rights allow usage of the bank to be done infinitely in any song with credit and the optional support clause, but derivative banks of this bank must be released in full under the copyleft terms of this, but binary builds can be charged for, but you must then provide the bank in a format that gives out the source material in a nonbinary fashion as per your choice for releasing the derivative bank as paid software. Patent rights must include all contributors involved in the production. Same with trademarks. Credit and support is all that is needed if you do not mind. You must allow people the rights in this license derivative to keep this work free. If you cannot reasonably use the bank under Free Open Source terms in a corporate setting, such as a game or a studio, you may still use this, but there must be a section in the credits and a link to a download. You may not downgrade the features of this as penalty for not paying something, barring DLC, which must be on-game. You must also not geolock the bank for any reason or promolock the bank unless you are a developer. If you are a developer, your game must not contain malicious code, nor may your system or game updates. Said malicious code cannot even be directed towards anyone for any reason. You may also not hide and hoard changes, you must share them unless prevented by an agreement. You may not use this bank in any kind of discriminatory works of any type. Nor may you harm the authors. You may also not fail to protect users and creators. You may not scam people for this software or any derivatives. You may also not steal this without the attribution clauses and it gets even worse for you legally if you profit off the stolen software without compensation towards those you stole from. You may not breach this unless you have an exception. You may also use this in any auditory works as if it were music/games. Otherwise, all rights reserved unless prohibited on the author's or user side. This bank can be shared with all metadata intact including this license for free totally unlimited unless where prohibited by law. You may not however claim that you yourself made this unless it was a derivative bank. That is art theft and is illegal. Go find someone else to scalp you scammers. And please scrape this using tools that actually work, and archive it whereever the fuck you want it to go under the terms above. Please propagate and share this, though the authors will not force you to. We would love it though, and while you are at it, support us whereever you can find us. This document is by no means perfect and will be updated on our say-so, and by continuing to use this you give us rights to change this agreement in positive ways towards yourself the consumer/creator in need of music (or so we hope). We hope you will download our other stuff and look forward to that hit counter rising!

This is cool!
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own this soundfont, because, only I'm Sharing for this web site. Well, Are you looking for a soundfont for Fire Emblem games?, here's the Fire Emblem GBA Soundfont, but, the drumkit is not included. Thanks for circleseverywhere for make this Excellent Soundfont of he made it.

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Licensing Gray Area
These files have an unknown license, were obtained from unkown sources or were compiled from third party material.
Extra considerations: Fire Emblem (C) Nintendo, Intelligent Systems

This is cool!
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RLNDGM Roland General MIDI 5 Variants

by Roland

Uploaded on Jun 14, 2019 (and last updated on Jun 14, 2019)

Roland General MIDI (RLNDGM) 5 Includes File: RLNDGM.DLS Downladable Sound Level 1 (DLS) RLNDGM2.DLS Downladable Sound Level 2 (DLS) RLNDGM.SBK Soundfont 1.0 (SBK) RLNDGM.SF_ Soundfont 2.0 (SF2 RAR Compressed) Extract file using WinRAR RLNDGM.SF_ to RLNDGM.SF2 RLNDGM.sfArk SFARK Soundfont Compressed Soundfont Created by Synthfont Viena and Converted Awave Studio Soundfont 1.0 (SBK) and Downloadable Sound (DLS) banks.

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This is cool!
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Campbell's Harpsichord (Double Manual) Hedsound Version; sf2 and sf3 soundfonts.

by Ziya Mete Demircan

Uploaded on Jun 13, 2019 (and last updated on Jun 14, 2019)

Double Manual, Long samples Harpsichord Soundfont. 20 presets! (all presets are new! and Made by me) Panorama Patches: The panoramic effect is adjusted to how the player heard when playing the Harpsichord; Main Upper and Lute Patches: 8' Una-Corda Patches: Single string stoppers; Main and Upper Patches: 16', 8', 4'; Lute Patch: 8' Coupled Patches: 2 stoppers mixed; Main and Upper Patches: 16', 8', 4' Full Patches: All 3 Stoppers; Main and Upper Patches: ...

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This is cool!
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Brandish 2 Soundfont

by DannieloCQ Music!

Uploaded on Jun 08, 2019 (and last updated on Jun 11, 2019)

Well, it's just a soundfont With Brandish 2's instruments... I felt like I needed that in my life, and sure other people too!

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